Every Step of the Way signs with Vision Live Network

The every step of the way Bible discussion panel has reached a deal with the vision live network. Every step of the way has been a prominent show on Facebook live for the past year. The show has built up a huge following since its existence. Jason slack of vision live network is a huge fan of the show and has stated many times that he could not wait to work with those guys. We anticipate this show going global and allowing even more positive messages to get across with a bigger platform. The every step of the way podcast Read More


New 40Visionfilms website

After being created in 2014, it has been announced that 40Visionfilms.com will be remodeled and upgraded. Jason Slack has decided to sit back and let the design team do their thing. The website is said to be designed by his Vision Works development company. Mr. Slack stated that he wants this website to demonstrate and resemble his hard work over the years and he felt that no one would be able to pull this off better than him. The website is scheduled to be released later this month. Read More

Jason Slack Brand

Vision 4 Kids helping girl scouts

0 The Write Vision news has learned that Jason Slack and his vision for kids foundation is responsible for selling over 6000 cases of Girl Scout cookies throughout the years. Vision 4 kids has teamed up with a number of different organizations aimed at encouraging higher education and child development. Selling Girl Scout cookies, goes […]Read More


Jason Slack aka hoopwiii_jay makes fashion statement on his 16th

On Thursday, July 15, 2021, Jason Slack celebrated his 16th birthday. To bring in his birthday, Jason rocked an all custom outfit. The complete outfit was reportedly over a thousand dollars. The designers have yet to be revealed. Jason has stated that a new custom look is the new way to go. When it comes down to fashion, don't be afraid to push the envelope. Just wait and see what I come up with next.Read More