Vision 4 kids graduation schedule released

he Vision 4 Kids organization continues to grow with the release of his graduation schedule. The graduation schedule was created to honor those kids that graduate each year. The idea was created when covert 19 hit and there were a bunch of kids that were not able to celebrate their graduation and also wasn't able to attend their prom. Vision 4 Kids co founder Celeste Howard stated that she wanted to create something that could make the experience a little bit better for the children. She realized that this would not make up for the loss experience, but it would let them Read More

Vision Live Radio

Ladies night

Earlier this month DJ L dollarsz, host of the catch a vibe radio show, created a ladies night version of the show. Ladies night is now set to air on Tuesday nights from 8 PM to 10 PM on vision live radio. DJ L dollarsz also known as New York's number one DJ, said he wanted to do something for the ladies because he feels they are the largest part of his fan base. Catch a vibe radio show premiered on January 15, 2021 and is the longest reigning show on vision live radio. Ladies night is slated to start in early December 2021. Read More

Vision Live Network

Slack is Talk season 3

On New Year's Day, the Slack is talk podcast will be celebrating its one year anniversary. The show was the first podcast to launch on the Vision Live Network on January 1, 2021. The network is proud to announce that season 3 of the Slack is talk podcast will premiere on January 6 and will air on a new weekly time slot Thursdays at 9 PM. It is  already been rumored to have several guest appear on the show.Read More


We provide accurate weather

We are proud to announce that people can now access our 24/7 worldwide weather forecast. Our forecast system includes every state, and all across overseas. You can now visit our website, and get the updated down to the second accurate weather at any time and any place. Traveling? Or not sure how to dress? No problem we have you covered. Read More

Dream Elite


Dream Elite's popularity is growing by the day. Last week the AAU team's YouTube page has reached 1000 subscribers and has become the most streamed AAU team in the year 2021. To date, the team has 8 championships in franchise history. Read More

Dream Elite

AAU Coach of the year

Coach Hank is a seven-time AAU championship coach. He Is the first AAU coach to win seven championships in less than a year and also winning five in a row. His coaching style preaches hard work, dedication, and having good chemistry over X and O's. He's a player's coach that goes to bat for his players. Read More

Dream Elite


On November 7, 2021, just a week before their one year anniversary of winning their first championship, dream Elite has done it again by winning championship number eight. Coach Hank stated that this one is special because they were presented with a championship belt. We wanted to finish out the year strong and we felt like we did that by adding to our championship showcase.Read More