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The Write review – Martin Luther King week on Slack

Slack covers key points on Dr Martin Luther Kings thoughts and teachings. He puts great importance on the research that Dr. King did before his speeches. Slack does his best to try to cover all the important times of Dr

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Vision 4 kids graduation schedule released

he Vision 4 Kids organization continues to grow with the release of his graduation schedule. The graduation schedule was created to honor those kids that graduate each year. The idea was created when covert 19 hit and there were a

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Aayliah is honored by JROTC

October 9th was the annual military ball event for NJRoTC. The event lived up to his expectations. All the seniors were there to celebrate it being there last military ball. They all came dressed to impress. The food selection was

Charts WV Hot 100

WVN Hot 100

Write Vision Hot 100, Month of November 2021 6-20 6 6 GOOD 4 U OLIVIA RODRIGO INTERSCOPE 1 22 buylisten 7 7 KISS ME MORE DOJA CAT FEATURING SZA RCA 3 27 buylisten 8 8 LEVITATING DUA LIPA 2 54

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