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40visiontv Dream Elite

Dreher comes back in 4th qt to stun AC Flora

Lorenzo Tucker leads Dreher in victory over AC Flora

40visiontv Dream Elite

Mathew Butler wins 400 meters

M Matthew Butler small forward for dream Elite AAU team won the 400 m race, for lower Richland high school. Matthew finished number one in the region. He has said that he plans on giving football a try in the

40visiontv Education

Aayliah earns seal program scholarship

Vision 4 kids is proud to announce that Aayliah Slack has earned the seal program scholarship at Coastal Carolina. The seal program is for students with outstanding academic prowess. A lot of notable celebrities and athletes that have attended coastal,

40visiontv Education

Ny’keisha graduation

Ny'keisha carper who is regarded as the first Vision 4 Kids member. Graduated from South Carolina State University. Vision for kids founder Jason Slack stated that this was history in the making. Ny'keisha is one of the first to come

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