Dream Elite Kids

6 Championships & Counting

Dream Elite has now won their 6th title in franchise history

Education Kids

Vision 4 Kids helping girl scouts

The Write Vision news has learned that Jason Slack and his vision for kids foundation is responsible for selling over 6000 cases of Girl Scout cookies throughout the years. Vision


Vision 4 Kids 6 year anniversary

Happy Birthday to the Vision 4 Kids organization! Helping kids since 2015.

Fashion Kids

Jason Slack aka hoopwiii_jay makes fashion statement on his 16th Birthday

On Thursday, July 15, 2021, Jason Slack celebrated his 16th birthday. To bring in his birthday, Jason rocked an all custom outfit. The complete outfit was reportedly over a thousand

Kids News

Coach Hank designs new team uniforms

Coach Hank, Head Coach of Dream Elite designs new team uniforms after the team won its 4th Championship

Dream Elite Jason Slack Brand

Coach Hank makes History

Coach Hanks becomes the first AAU rookie head coach to win 4 Championships in the first 8 months.

Dream Elite Jason Slack Brand

Elite wins 4th championship and 2nd in a row

Dream Elite joins elite company by winning its 4th Championship and making it 2 in a row. It’s hard to imagine that this team has been together for less than

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Business Tech

Vision Works is on the rise

Many celebrities and entertainers would tell you that the most important thing in acareer is marketing. How you are represented is the most important thing in theindustry. Most likely the

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