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Mathew Butler wins 400 meters

M Matthew Butler small forward for dream Elite AAU team won the 400 m race, for lower Richland high school. Matthew finished number one in the region. He has said that he plans on giving football a try in the near future. That will make him a three sport athlete. Matthew has helped dream Elite to a record 12 championships in just a year and a half time.Read More


Aayliah earns seal program scholarship

Vision 4 kids is proud to announce that Aayliah Slack has earned the seal program scholarship at Coastal Carolina. The seal program is for students with outstanding academic prowess. A lot of notable celebrities and athletes that have attended coastal, have also been accepted into this program.Read More


Ny’keisha graduation

Ny'keisha carper who is regarded as the first Vision 4 Kids member. Graduated from South Carolina State University. Vision for kids founder Jason Slack stated that this was history in the making. Ny'keisha is one of the first to come through our vision for kids education program. We watched her grow and mature into the woman that she is. This is the day that the program will remember forever.Read More

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Decision day

Decision day is one of the most important days of the year for college athlete as they announce, what schools they will be attending the following year. This day in general is usually reserved for athletes. But this year, we had a surprise highschooler engaging in decision day. That person, is Aayliah Slack. Our news team caught up with Aayliah and asked her about making the decision to do decision day even though she doesn't play a sport. Aayliah stated that she is a 12 time champion assistant coach for Dream Elite. Over 100 guests tuned in for the zoom event Read More


Ny’keisha’s Salon

There is a new number one hair stylist in Columbia South Carolina. Meet Ny'keisha Carper. She has been doing here for well over eight years now. She got her start by having clients come over her house for appointments until her clientele grew to new heights. She quickly began making a name for herself and became the most sought after hairstylists in Columbia. Now having found a shop, she has expanded her craft. She is the complete package, including makeup and nails. She has quietly worked her way up the ranks and is now considered one of the top Read More



Dream Elite's popularity is growing by the day. Last week the AAU team's YouTube page has reached 1000 subscribers and has become the most streamed AAU team in the year 2021. To date, the team has 8 championships in franchise history. Read More



On November 7, 2021, just a week before their one year anniversary of winning their first championship, dream Elite has done it again by winning championship number eight. Coach Hank stated that this one is special because they were presented with a championship belt. We wanted to finish out the year strong and we felt like we did that by adding to our championship showcase.Read More

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Dream Elite wins’s first championship

After being in operation for less than a month, dream Elite has won its first championship in franchise history. This is a remarkable accomplishment being that the team has been together for little over three weeks and has never practiced together. Coach Hank has stated that this is the first of many to come. He […]Read More


Aayliah is honored by JROTC

October 9th was the annual military ball event for NJRoTC. The event lived up to his expectations. All the seniors were there to celebrate it being there last military ball. They all came dressed to impress. The food selection was very nice and the event had one of the best DJs. All seniors were honored […]Read More


Lucky 7

History continues to be written as dream Elite has one its seventh championship making it five in a row. Never in the history of AAU basketball has a team one this many championships after being together less than a year. The team continues to win despite not having its complete active roster on a weekly […]Read More