Raw & Uncut Podcast set to debut on VLN

 Raw & Uncut Podcast set to debut on VLN

The raw & uncut podcast hosted by Dakota Radden debuted at the end of May and is climbing up the charts. Listeners love to hear the Dakota’s insight. He introduces strong point of views. Many people expected the podcast to only be about church, but he has incorporated important life situations. One of his topics include what to do when unexpected situations occur. This topic is very important because of the things that we see happening in today’s world. The show brings a different positive energy that we haven’t heard from a podcast in a long time. Critics have often said that they can’t wait to listen to the show as it is a breath of fresh air compared to the other content that is recently come out. Listeners can catch the raw and uncut podcast on Mondays at 7 PM on the Vision Live Network.


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